• We Show Respect for All Individuals

    We believe that all individuals can and want to contribute to their fullest potential. We value differences. We inspire and enable people to achieve high expectations, standards and challenging goals. We are honest with people about their performance.

  • The Interests of the Company and the Individual Are Inseparable

    We believe that doing what is right for the business with integrity will lead to mutual success for both the Company and the individual. Our quest for mutual success ties us together. We encourage stock ownership and ownership behavior.

  • We Are Strategically Focused in Our Work

    We operate with clearly articulated and aligned objectives and strategies. We only do work and only ask for work that adds value to the business. We simplify, standardize and streamline our current work whenever possible.

  • Innovation is the Cornerstone of Our Success

    We place great value on big, new consumer innovations.
    We challenge convention and reinvent the way we do business to better win in the marketplace.

  • We Value Mastery

    We believe it is the responsibility of all individuals to continually develop themselves and others.
    We encourage and expect outstanding technical mastery and executional excellence.